Parent volunteers

Wanda Nippers is run entirely by volunteers.  In fact, one in 2 nipper parents are required to run nippers in a range of roles.

1. Water safety

The water safety crew is one of the most vital volunteer parent roles we have at nippers.  Water safety wear the orange shirts and caps and ensure the safety of nippers in the water.
Surf Life Saving Australia sets strict ratios for water safety to nippers – 1:5 for proficient nippers, 1:1 for non-proficient nippers.  We need high level parent support for water safety.
  • Current Bronze Medallion
    • Training course which combines theory and practical, covering knowledge of basic patrolling and surf awareness. Course outline on SLSNSW website
    • Free for nipper parents and run by Wanda SLSC trainers at Wanda (or nearby)
    • Generally held over a few weeks, including weeknights and weekends
    • Courses are advertised throughout the year
  • Wanda SLSC full membership ($100) for insurance purposes 
  • Water safety uniform – provided as required
  • Meet annual Bronze Medallion proficiency requirements.

When you help?
There is no requirement to do a set amount of hours or sessions as water safety. Help when you can at:
  • Sunday Wanda nippers
  • Wanda nippers board and water training session
  • Wanda nippers proficiency days at the start of the season
  • Carnivals - only if your child(ren) attends. At carnivals, water safety usually have the opportunity to nominate the water area (age group) they’d like to work in, ensuring you are where your child is.
More information
Contact Brett Thatcher, Water Safety Supervisor.

2. Officials

During the season there are many carnivals run for u8-u14 nippers (optional). Wanda Nippers is generally required to provide officials at these events. In particular, the Bate Bay 4-Way, Branch Championships and State Championships. Officials are those people responsible for the conduct of surf sport events. Officiating roles include referees, starters, judges, recorders and marshalls across all of the surf sports disciplines (flags, sprints, surf race, board etc).
Officials accreditation comes in two levels, Core and Technical, and lasts for 4 years.  We recommend the Technical course.  
How do I become an official?
  • Complete an online accreditation course through the SLSA Members Portal to become a Technical official
  • Accreditation is $60, however the club may reimburse this
  • Complete a practical assessment at a carnival
  • Obtain Wanda SLSC full membership ($100) for insurance purposes.  
When you help?
  • At carnivals - in particular, the Bate Bay 4-Way, Branch Championships and State Championships
  • At Wanda Nippers Championship days
  • Officials have the opportunity to nominate age group areas and roles they would like to officiate in, ensuring you are officiating where your child is
More information: Steve Doran, Officials Coordinator

3. IRB crew

Inflatable Rescue Boats (IRB) have a key role in ensuring the safety of our nippers in the water.  Our dedicated IRB crew are water safety qualified, as well as having undertaken specific IRB training
  • Current Bronze Medallion (see water safety crew info)
  • IRB crewperson training course
  • Wanda SLSC full membership ($100) for insurance purposes  
  • Water safety uniform, life jackets and gear - provided as required
When you help?
There is no requirement to do a set amount of hours or sessions as IRB crew. Help when you can at:
  • Sunday Wanda Nippers
  • Some Wanda Nippers board and water training session
  • Wanda Nippers proficiency days at the start of the season
  • Carnivals - only if your child(ren) attends. 
More information:  Adam Buckley, IRB coordinator

4. General help on Sundays

All parents can help by:
  • Lending a hand to your age managers and assistants  with activities
  • Assisting with setup, packup and BBQ duty when your age group is rostered on – this is an expectation of all nipper parents.
  • Join Wanda SLSC as general member ($40), at a minimum, to be covered by insurance
  • Complete a Member Protection form

5. Age managers and assistants

Every age group is run by age managers and assistants, typically parents from the age group. Age managers and assistants lead the age group each week, running activities, educating and coaching the nippers.
  • Age Manager Award – which involves a training course (online or face-to-face) and some practical assessment
  • Wanda SLSC general member at a minimum.
  • It’s a good idea for Age Managers to have their bronze medallion, but not essential. There are also optional coaching accreditations available.
  • Age managers and assistants are provided with a shirt and cap
When you help?
Age managers and assistants:
  • Run their age group each Sunday
  • Communicate with their age group, in person and via email, on all nipper matters
  • Attend carnivals, coordinating nipper and teams
  • Contribute to Wanda Nippers team selections, development camp selections and other areas as required.

6. Committee, coaching and support role

Wanda Nippers is run by a committee of volunteer mums and dads, and supported by a range of non-committee helpers including admin support, coaches, social organisers and more.
Recruitment for these roles is done in the lead up to the Nipper AGM (June), so watch out for notices and talk to any of the current committee if you are interested.

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