2018/19 Committee and Management

Wanda Nippers is run entirely by volunteers.  Management includes:

  • Committee (see below)
  • Many non-committee volunteers including coaches and administrative volunteers (see below)
  • Age managers and assistants
  • Water safety coordinator, supervisors and helpers
  • IRB coordinator and crew
  • Officials for carnivals
  • Parent helpers each weekend for set up, pack up and BBQ.


Fiona Sutton phone 0418 200 692
Surf Sport Manager
Brad Tattam
Member Services Manager
Louise Lakomy
Finance Manager
Ray Jokhan
Administration Manager
Andrew Cole phone 0405 122 022
Administration Coordinator (secretary)
Team Manager
Brooke Thatcher phone 0448 307 732
Lifesaving and Education Manager
Katie Spinner
Communications Manager
Gretchen Slater phone 0430 309 330
Water safety Manager
Nipper Program Manager
Brooke Thatcher phone 0448 307 732
General Committee
- Louise Lakomy
- Tim Mayo 
Admin roles (non-committee)
Member Protection Officer
Sam Park
Sponsorship Manager
Lisa Zammit 
Uniforms Coordinator
Tammy Spaul
Carnivals Manager
Katie Spinner
Officials Coordinator
Steve Doran phone 0408 640 558
Nikki Teasel
To be advised
Andrew Cole phone 0405 122 022
Age Group Photos
To be advised