u6 nippers

Welcome to Wanda Nippers - your first year in what we hope will be a long involvement with Wanda SLSC. Nippers is about creating lifesavers of the future - we look forward to seeing our u6s continue right through to the u14s cand become the next generation of Wanda SLSC lifesavers.

A guide to the u6s

Age: in 2018/19 u6s will be born between 1 October 2012 - 30 September 2013
Cap colour: Dark green/white (this will be your cap colour throughout your years at Wanda nippers)
Uniform: Club cossie; rash vest of your choice. See uniforms>>
What's involved:
- Nippers gets underway in October and runs until March. See calendar>>
- U6s attend nippers each Sunday, from 9.15am to approx. 11am
- There are no additional training sessions for u6s
- Nippers in the u6s is about fun, games and familiarity with the beach environment.
To take part in nippers, children must also complete an annual proficiency as follows for u6s:
- From a standing position in waist deep water perform a front glide and recover to a secure position
- Perform a back or front float holding a buoyant aid and recover to a secure position.
This proficiency test is done at registration time, or during the first few weeks of nippers.
The nipper program
All nippers across Australia take part in a Surf Life Saving Australia education program.
For u6s, this is Surf Play 1 & 2:
Activities and games are the focus sessions. Nippers take part in a number of simple beach safety and awareness lessons available such as: basic safety practices during activities, what makes up a beach environment, sunsmart guidelines, the importance of having an adult with them at the beach, what a lifesaver is and what they do, wading, beach sprinting and beach flags.
Conduct and behaviour
Wanda expects a high standard of behaviour from everyone involved in nippers. By joining our club, you are agreeing to our Codes of Conduct and Member Protection Policy>>
With regards to child protection, all members sign Member Protection declarations and we meet the standards of the Working with Children Check in NSW. More importantly, we all need to work together to ensure the safest environment for our nippers.
If you have any concerns or issues with behaviour or conduct, contact our Member Protection Officer, memberprotection@wandanippers.com.au 
General safety and supervision
Here's a few of our must-dos for all nippers:
- Nippers must keep cap on at all times  - caps come off only after their name has been marked off at the end of nippers
- Nippers cannot leave their group unaccompanied
- Parents are expected to stay with their child. Age managers cannot be expected to  supervise all children in such a busy environment. If you need to leave the group for a moment – arrange with another parent to be responsible for yours while you are gone
- Parents should assist where possible – you need to be a general member ($40) for insurance purposes
- Wear sun protection
Helping out
Nippers is an activitiy which requires a high level of parent involvement, particulalry in u8 and over age groups. In the u6s the best ways for you to help out:
- Help with BBQ and set up duties the week your age group is rostered on*
- Assist age managers week-to-week with activities and supervision* 
If your children will continue on through nippers, you may also consider other volunteer roles, such as Water Safety. Read more>>
* It's important you have General Membership - and therefore insurance coverage - when assisting with these activities.

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