About Wanda Nippers Training

Wanda Nippers offers a wide range of training session – free to all our registered nippers.
  • Beginner to advanced levels catered for (except surf board riding)
  • Nippers attending water sessions must be proficient (pool and ocean swim completed)
  • Nippers attending training must be in the applicable age groups for the current season - ie only proficient u9-u13 nippers can attend board sessions
  • Parents with a bronze medallion, who attend a water session, must assist with water safety
  • Parents must remain with children at training sessions
  • Nipper must wear pink high-vis rashie at water sessions, inlcuding wade
  • Nippers who arrive late or leave early, must let the coaches know.
Please note - most training sessions have now finished for the season. Saturday sandhill sessions will still continue with the Jock Athletic team - these are open to any u9+ (and parents!), why not come along and give them a go? 
  Current Training Schedule

u9+ Beach sprint training - 4.30pm at Wanda: starts, technique and maximum speed

u9+ 1km & 2km run training - 5.15pm at Wanda: sand efficiency running, longer to mid intervals and boosting anaerobi threshold and race tactics, suitable for beachies and iron person competitors

Both sessions run by the Jock Athletic team 


u9-u13* Board training - 4.30pm at Gunnamatta Bay with Nathan Smith's Star Academy team and Club Coach Todd Lester


u9-u13* Board training - 6.00am at Wanda with Nathan Smith's Star Academy team

u9+ Track training - 5.30pm at Sylvania Athletics Track with the Jock Athletic team: starts, explosive speed and technique


u7-u8 Wade training - 4.30pm at Wanda with Club Coaches Jason and Tim

u9-u13* Board training - 4.30pm at Wanda with Nathan Smith's Star Academy team


u11-u13* Iron training - 6.00am at Wanda with Nathan Smith's Star Academy team


u9+ Sandhills training for sprinters & flaggers - meet 6.55am at Greenhills carpark: resisted speed work and explosive speed, great for increasing your starting strength and accelearation phase

u14 2km beach runners training - meet 6.55am at Greenhills carpark: speed endurance, lactate tolerance, resisted speed work and soft sand efficiency

Both sessions run by the Jock Athletic Team 


u9-u13 Surf swim technique training - 8.00am at Wanda with Club Coach Pat Warn: wave catching technique and learning to become quicker in and out of the water

u9+ Beach sprints relay training - meet 8.45am at Wanda, at the sprint track 

u11+ Board rescue training - meet 11.00am after nippers at the waters edge

State march past training - meet 8.00am at Wanda on the beach 

For any nippers looking for extra running specific coaching, please contact the Jock Athletic team,

Additional Training 

A number of other training sessions are provided throughout the season - please check back regularly for updates on when these sessions will commence.  

for u10-u14 who are proficient (pool and ocean swim complete)
Nippers attending this training must already be able to surf and be interested in competing in surf board riding - this is not a learn to surf session
u12+ R&R
for u12+