About Wanda Nippers Training

Wanda Nippers offers a wide range of training session – FREE to all our registered nippers.
  • Beginner to advanced levels catered for (except surf board riding)
  • Nippers attending water sessions must be proficient (pool and ocean swim completed)
  • Nippers attending training must be in the applicable age groups for the current season - ie only proficient u9-u13 nippers can attend board sessions
  • Parents with a bronze medallion, who attend a water session, must assist with water safety
  • Parents must remain with children at training sessions
  • Nipper must wear pink high-vis rashie at water sessions, inlcuding wade
  • Nippers who arrive late or leave early, must let the coaches know.
Season 2019/2020 training is listed below.  All updates will be posted here (and through our Facebook page) so please check back.  Saturday sandhill sessions with the Jock Athletic team are open to any u9+ (and parents!), why not come along and give them a go? 
  Current Training Schedule

U8-U14 Beach training 4.30pm - sprint, flags, relays and distance.


U9-U13* Board training - 4.30pm at Gunnamatta Bay with Nathan Smith's Star Academy team 


U9-U13 Board training - 6.00am at Wanda with Nathan Smith's Star Academy team (meet at 5.50am)

U9+ Track training - 5.00pm at Sylvania Athletics Track with the Jock Athletic team: starts, explosive speed and technique


U9-U13 Board training - 4.30 - 6.00pm at Wanda with Nathan Smith's Star Academy team

U8 Wade Training - 4.30pm at Wanda 


U11-U13 Iron training - 6.00am at Wanda with Nathan Smith's Star Academy team 


U9+ Sandhills training for sprinters & flaggers - meet 6.55am at Greenhills carpark: resisted speed work and explosive speed, great for increasing your starting strength and accelearation phase

Both sessions run by the Jock Athletic Team 


U8-U14 Middle Distance Training - 9.00am 

For any nippers looking for extra running specific coaching, please contact the Jock Athletic team,

Additional Training 

A number of other training sessions are provided throughout the season - please check back regularly for updates on when these sessions will commence.  

for u10-u14 who are proficient (pool and ocean swim complete)
Nippers attending this training must already be able to surf and be interested in competing in surf board riding - this is not a learn to surf session
u12+ R&R
for u12+