Championship Day


Championship day results will be available for review after each Champo day.  

Results from Champo Day 3 can be viewed here.


Championship Day, or “Champo Day”, takes place at Sunday nippers three times a season for u8-u14 nippers.  u6 and u7 nippers take part in regular nipper activities on Championship days.  


When is Championship Day held?
There are two Championship Days per season. 
Why do we have Championship Days?
Championship Days provide nippers with a chance to test their skills in a fun competitive environment with their Wanda nipper teammates. Champo Days also:
  • Determine some of our end of season Nipper awards in each age group – points are tallied at each Championship Day
  • Provide input to team selections for carnivals. They are only one criteria team selectors refer to when selecting teams.
What events will nippers compete in?
  • u8 -  sprint, flags, wade
  • u9/10 - sprint, flag, swim, board
  • u11/12/13 - sprint, flag, swim, board, ironperson, 1km run
  • u14 - sprint, flag, swim, board, ironperson,  2km run


Who is eligibile to complete?
To compete in a Championship Day, nippers:
  • must be an u8-u14 nipper, registered for the current season
  • have satisfied preliminary proficiency requirements. (For u8s, this is the 25m pool swim/float and for u9-u14, this is the 200m pool swim/float). Nippers who have not completed the preliminary proficiency cannot compete in any event on Championship day.
  • u9-u14 cannot compete in the Surf, Board and Ironperson Races at Championship Days if they are not competition proficient (ie completed ocean swim proficiency). Flags, beach sprint, beach run and wade events may only be undertaken by these nippers.
A few rules:
  • Events will be conducted as outlined in the latest edition of the Surf Sports Manual which can be found at
  • Competitors must finish the course of their own accord (no assistance can be provided
  • All u9-u14 competitors must complete the swim event to take part in the board event
  • If a Championship event has to be postponed, then it will be held on the next convenient day on our beach
  • Impartial judges should be used on finish lines where ever possible.

Download the full Wanda Nippers Championship Day Guideline for season 21/22

Championship days shall be scored as follows:
Position Finish Points
1st place 10
2nd place 8
3rd place 7
4th place 6
5th place 5
6th place 4
7th place 3
8th place 2
Completed event 1
Absent, DNF, DNS, DQ 0
Recording of results
Indepenent recorders are responsible for recording Championship Day results on the day, on the recording sheet provided.  Age managers and/or Assitants will record back-up results on the day also. Full results will then be published on our website following the event so they can be double checked for accuracy. Members will have 7 days to lodge any queries and then results will be classified as final.  All queries
Parent help
Lots of parent help is needed on Championship Days, so please pitch in and help your age managers where possible

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