The Music Bus

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Music Bus - The most exciting development in children’s music education in Australia.  The Music Bus programs are held in a hi-tech mobile classroom that visits schools providing lessons in Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Vocals and Rock Band.  The Music Bus provides the classroom, the teacher, the curriculum and the instruments in one complete package! Currently servicing more than 40 schools across the Shire and St George and over 200 primary schools across NSW and Queensland, there are thousands of Australian children boarding the bus every week. GET ON & ROCK! www.themusicbus.com.au

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Jock Athletic is an athlete high performance training company that specialises in athlete services for professional, amateur & ‘everyday’ athletes worldwide. We are serious about helping athletes maximise their potential, which is why our private sports academy is dedicated to providing the next generation of athletes the best opportunities to reach their potential. www.jockathletic.com.au

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