Attendance Awards

Wanda Nippers values high levels of attendance at Nippers. Attendance is recognised through Attendance Awards, given out as part of End of Season Awards for u6-u14 age groups.

  • 100% Award - meets attendance requirements for one season
  • 200% Award - meets attendance requirements for two consecutive seasons
  • 300% Award - meets attendance requirements for three consecutive seasons
  • 400% Award - meets attendance requirements for four consecutive seasons
  • 500% Award - meets attendance requirements for five consecutive seasons
  • 600% Award - meets attendance requirements for six consecutive seasons
  • 700% Award - meets attendance requirements for seven consecutive seasons
  • 800% Award - meets attendance requirements for eight consecutive seasons
  • 900% Award - meets attendance requirements for nine consecutive seasons

“100% Day”

  • Before the season starts each year, the nipper calendar will note with “100% days”. View Calendar
  • A “100% day” is a nipper day where attendance can contribute to achieving an attendance award
  • The majority of nipper days are 100% days with a few exceptions.
  • In the event nippers is cancelled by the Wanda Nippers committee, and only then, the day shall be deemed a “non 100% day”.

Attendance requirements
To be marked “in attendance” a nipper must:

  • Be present at nippers on a 100% day
  • Attempt and/or participate in at least three events on the day, at the discretion of the age manager

Allowable absence

  • Each nipper is allowed two (2) absences each season on 100% Days, to still qualify for an Attendance Award.

Special considerations
All special requests regarding injury, illness or absence can be sent to the Recorder for consideration by the Wanda Nippers committee

Carnivals and representative duties u8+
Nippers will be recorded in attendance when:

  • competing for Wanda SLSC at a surf life saving carnival
  • participating in a SLSS Development camp
  • participating in SLSS InterBranch Championships
  • other events at the discretion of the Wanda JAG committee.

All requests should be lodged with

Recording attendance

  • Attendance at nippers is recorded by the Age Manager/Assistant each week on the age group roll
  • The Wanda Nippers Recorder collates and stores attendance records. Email


While attendance is always recorded at nippers by Age Managers, the records of attendance for the purpose of Attendance Awards

Commences - the first week of nippers
The final day -

  • u6 and u7 - three weeks prior to the u6 and u7 presentation day , to allow time for producing awards.
  • u8 and over - the week prior to the SLSNSW State Age Championships.

Download the Attendance Award policy

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