Beach Set-Up & BBQ Duty

Wanda Nippers is a volunteer organisation. We need a hand from all Nipper parents each week for beach setup/packup and BBQ duty. Read What you need to do

2017/18 Roster (as at 10 Oct)

Date BBQ duty
- Shift 1: 8.30am clubhouse
- Instructions below 
Beach setup and pack down
- Set up meet 8am at nipper shed
- Pack up straight after nippers
15 Oct 2017 u11 u13
22 Oct 2017 u12 u14
29 Oct 2017 (Champo Day) u10 u11
5 Nov 2017  u9 u6
12 Nov 2017 u8 u12
19 Nov 2017 (Gunnamatta) u14 u9
26 Nov 2017 4-way carnival -
3 Dec 2017 (Champo Day) u7 u10
10 Dec 2017 u13 u8
16 Dec 2017 (Saturday 3pm) u14 u13
14 Jan 2018 u7 u8
21 Jan 2018 (Kurnell u6-u8 and Wanda u9-u14) u9 and u11 u14 and u7
28 Jan 2018 (Kurnell) u8 u6 and u9
4 Feb 2018 (Champo Day) u6 u12
11 Feb 2018 Branch Champs -
18 Feb 2018 (Mini carnival) u12 and u10 u11 and u7
25 Feb 2018 u13 u10

What you need to do

Download instructions and roster

  • 1st shift meet at the Nippers Room at 8.30am – find Gary McNamara for jobs
  • 2nd and 3rd shift go straight to BBQ area  
  • There is a crossover shift between 11.00am and 11.30am as this is peak period
  • Cooking starts at 10:00am
  • Service starts at 10:45am
  • Service concludes at approx 12:15hrs
  • Pack up and clean up from 12:00hrs to 12:30hrs
Volunteer numbers are a combined total from both boys and girls age groups - work together
1st shift BBQ
8.30am to 9.15am
Minimum 6 volunteers required this period
Duties include for food prep / ice drinks / BBQ / tent set up
2nd shift BBQ
10.00am to 11.30am
Minimum 6 volunteers required this period
Duties include for cooking and serving food
3rd shift BBQ
Minimum 6 volunteers required during this period
Duties include serving, cooking, pack down, wash up, clean up, rubbish removal
Beach Set Up  and Pack Up
Meet near the nipper shed (downstairs clubhouse)
  1. 8.00am start, meet near boatshed
  2. Set up Running Track – 100m x 25m (U6-U7 50m x 50m)
  3. Set up Flag Area – 15m x 25m and Sponsors Banners
  4. All equipment removed and returned to shed at end of events.

Note: For Twilight Nippers (start 3pm), meet 2pm


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