Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R)

Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) is a competition based on the simulated rescue and resuscitation of a patient from the surf using the traditional belt and reel.  It combines swimming*, resuscitation skills, marching and drill with teams judged against set criteria. 

* Competitors in the 2 person and 5 person events (U12 – U15s) are not required to swim.

R&R is held at many surf sports carnivals, including major events like the State and Australian Championships. 

There are three different forms of R&R–

  • 2 person (mixed sexes U10 - U13)
  • 5 person (mixed for ages U12 –U14, U15, U17, U19 & Open Mixed), Open Women & Open Men
  • 6 person (Open Mixed) 
Competitors are required to perform different roles depending on their position within the team. 
Competitors in the 2 person event draw for their positions (patient & rescuer) as do those in the 6 person event. Competitors in the 5 person events as well as the patient in the 6 person are in pre-determined positions.

R&R at Wanda

Wanda has a very proud history in R&R, with many State and Australian champion teams.  The next generation of R&R competitors are our nippers, and we encourage you to get involved in this important tradition. Wanda Nippers focus on:

  • 2 person R&R - looking for interested nippers from u10 and u11 age groups
  • 5 person R&R - looking for interested nippers from u12, u13 and u14 age groups
Wanda Nippers R&R teams train during the season and take part in surf sports carnivals, including the 4-Way, Branch and State titles.


John Douglas

To join R&R at Wanda

If you are interested in becoming involved in Wanda Nippers R&R, please let us know.