Wanda Nippers Red Fins Program


We are very proud and excited to announce a new initiative for the 2018/19 season - the Wanda Red Fins Inclusive Nippers Program.  Click here learn more about this great program>> 

Wanda Nippers is very proud and excited to announce a new club initiative for the upcoming season - Wanda Red Fins Nippers.  An inclusive nipper program that will run alongside mainstream nippers each Sunday, Red Fins is for children aged 6-12 with a disabiilty, who require extra support and would benefit from a more relaxed nipper program.  The Red Fins will be an additional age group managed by Morgan Harris who is highly experienced both as an age manager and in dealing with children who require extra support.


- 10 week program from October 14 to December 15, 9am to 10.30am

- A small group with increased Age Manager and Water Safety support

- Participants having fun is the key focus

- Activities are tailored to the child's ability, goals and sensory challenges

- The program has a clear and consisten routine, with visual instructions and visual schedules

- Regular breaks are included for Red Fins to unwind and release excess energy, with flexibility for the nippers to take breaks and return to activities as needed

- Parent participation is required

- Visual support guides will be available for families to use at home - "How to Nipper!"


To be safe, participants must be able to:

- Communicate their needs - using visuals is ok

- Follow instructions

- Move around the beach with the group

- Visibly want to participate

- Be comfortable getting wet and going into the water


- The program is limited to 10 placements only and is being offered to our existing families and their friends first

- If your child is interested in becoming a Red Fin, or if you know someone who may be interested, please contact Denny Rowlands denny.rowlands@westpac.com.au


If your business is keen to assist in supporting the funding of this fantastic initiative, we'd love to hear from you.  We are seeking contributions from sponsors to help fund the extra equipment and resources needed for this new program.  If you can help please contact our Sponsorship Manager, Lisa, sponsorship@wandanippers.com.au.