Nipper Caps

Each age group has their own unique coloured nipper cap. The age group keeps this same cap throughout their time at nippers.

One side of the cap is the age group colour - the other, Wanda colours.

Wearing the Nipper Caps

  • Compulsory for all nippers - no cap, no nippers, no exceptions
  • Write your child's name on the outside of the cap - this helps age managers and avoids them getting mixed up!
  • On Sundays nippers wear their cap colour side outwards, Wanda colours inside
  • Caps must stay on from when the attendance roll is first marked, until when nippers are marked off at the end of nippers
  • At carnivals, nippers wear the Wanda colour side outwards
  • Caps aren't required at training
  • Competition caps are also available - these are Wanda colours only and a stretchy fabric
  • Caps can be purchased most Sunday mornings at nippers or email 

Cap colour

In 2018/19, the cap colours for Wanda nippers will be:

  • U6 - Dark green and white
  • U7 - Mauve and white
  • U8 - Light blue
  • U9 - Yellow
  • U10 - Purple
  • U11 - Red
  • U12 - Pink
  • U13 - Mid green 
  • U14 - Wanda cap

Caps for other NSW surf life saving clubs

Club caps for all NSW surf life saving clubs are on the SLSNSW website