2019 Sydney Branch Championships

Sydney Branch Age Championships is an annual carnival between all Sydney Branch based clubs. Branch will be held Sunday 10 February at Maroubra SLSC.
Surfboard riding (u13-u14) and R&R events will be held Saturday 9 February at the Open Championships.
- u9-u14 - all our u9+ proficient nippers can attend Branch
- some u8s (see below)
BRANCH PROGRAM/EVENTS (as at 3 Feb 2019)
Please check back for updates as sometimes the program may change
All entry fees are met by Wanda.
Selection is required as we can only send a set number of boys and girls.  Selected nippers are shown below.  The Wanda Nippers selection committee has selected the team based on a combination of event results and age manager feedback.
Any queries, or if your nipper is listed below and isn't able to attend please contact Brooke teammanager@wandanippers.com.au
Girls: Ava L, Liesl S, Elody L, Gabriella E, Ilva B, Alannah N, Anika O, Amelie D, Cali M, Florence J
Boys: Riley C, James H, Zed L, Jarrah M, Blake S, Arlo S, Ben H, Hunter L, Kobi M, Toby L
- Registration is now closed 
- If your nipper is not able to attend Branch, but is attending the State carnival, please contact Brooke teammanager@wandanippers.com.au
- If you have any queries regarding Branch entries, please contact Brooke.  
Teams are selected by the Wanda Nippers selection committee as per our selection guideline>>
Teams may change, so please check back for updates.
- Meet at the sprint track for beach warm up at 6.45am
- Meet at the water area for board and swim warm up with Nathan and Steve at 6.45am 
- Age managers meeting with Brooke at 6.45am  
- Officials will be appointed via Branch
- If you are able to assist with water safety, please contact Brett watersafety@wandanippers.com.au
QUALIFICATION EVENTS  - Ironperson and board rescue – u11-u14s
Entry to board rescue and ironperson events at the State Championships is restricted. To compete in these events, nippers must qualify at the Sydney Branch Championships.    For each age group:
- Board rescue - the first 5 teams to cross the line in the Branch board rescue final will qualify to compete at State. Important - the club will be awarded the ‘position’ at State - not the individuals.  This may result in a change in team members from Branch to State, at the discretion of the Wanda selection committee.
- Ironperson - the first 8 nippers to cross the line in the Branch Ironperson final will qualify to compete at State.
It is a requirement for all clubs and competitors to ensure their surf craft (excluding foamies) have been scrutineered prior to attending the NSW State Championships. Scrutineering at the Branch Age Championships:
- will commence at approximately 7.30am at Maroubra
- will only operate while there is a demand - present your craft to the scrutineers as close to 7.30am as possible.
Current 'scrutineering stickers' are black and white. If your surf craft has been scrutineered over the past few years and it has a black and white sticker attached, it does not need to be scrutineered again.